YBB632S Neo BBb Tuba in Silver
Yamaha YBB632S Neo BBb Tuba in Silver

Yamaha YBB632S Neo BBb Tuba in Silver

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The new standard in brass band instruments.

Neo series BBb basses with redesigned body and handrest allow for the most subtly nuanced dynamics and tonal inflections.

These new Yamaha BBb basses are designed in co-operation with Simon Gresswell and David King to meet the needs of all brass bands. The design incorporates a large 500mm diameter bell that keeps the sound focused and always clear. They deliver a rich tone and abundant volume that provides the ensemble with a solid and stable foundation.

At 500mm, this is the largest bell among Yamaha BBb basses. Its size greatly improves dynamic range while delivering a stable sound that envelops the entire ensemble.

Yamaha YBB632S Neo BBb Tuba in Silver

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The foundation of any brass band sound is the tuba section, and in particular the BBb basses. Playing the fundamental note of the ensemble chord the BBb must possess and enormous breadth of sound in all registers, but more especially in the pedal register. In addition to this the modern BBb bass player is required to be extremely agile in all registers.

So how does the Neo compare to the traditionally favoured Sovereign style bass
which has been the standard for many years?

On unpacking the Neo you notice how substantial the case is. Tubas are notoriously easy to damage due to their weight and size, so protection is vital and the Neo case is more than adequate for this task.

Ergonomically the Neo feels small and easy to manage. This is due in part to the positioning of the leadpipe and the extra bow of tubing above the valve block. This serves two purposes - firstly to make the instrument narrower and less squat and secondly makes the instrument much easier to position for optimum comfort.

The positioning of the fourth valve is noticeably different to existing BBb basses - likewise the 3rd valve slide which is quite a bit wider than is common. This means that that player can actually grip more of the instrument, and this in turn makes holding the instrument more secure while at the same promoting a relaxed posture.

The bell is actually marginally larger than is usual at 19.5" and this allows the sound to bloom without ever becoming unmanageable.
On playing, the first thing you notice is how easy it is to make the instrument "speak". The minimum of effort creates a resonant sound that is centered and full; an ideal foundation for a broad brass band sound. Any tuba needs to play well in the extreme lower register and the Neo BBb performs exceptionally well.

It is commonplace for modern players to exploit the organ like tones of the BBb
bass' pedal register and the Yamaha YBB632 allows a quality of sound even in the most abyss-like depths.

This combination of all round ease of playing and easy portability have introduced a superb new variable into the brass band sound - the Yamaha Neo BBb Bass.

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