Keltek Kan - Cornish Celtic Song - Esme Francis
 Keltek Kan - Cornish Celtic Song - Esme Francis

Keltek Kan - Cornish Celtic Song - Esme Francis

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Unique Cornish Classical and Celtic Song and Verse, in the series of the KAN, RAKKA and SENY Cornish Celtic books, KELTEK and KERNOW CD's with the addition of some equally unique photographic Cornish scenes.

Of mystery, legend, fishing and mining, smuggling and shipwreck and the way of life in the fishing, farming and mining areas, towns and villages, harbours, coves and creeks of Celtic Cornwall. Written by the Gorsedh harpist and teacher Esme Francis. Living and working in Cornwall's wild, colourful landscape, having descended down the Levant Mine under the seabed, travelling and playing around the land of Cornwall and coming from a long line of 17th and 18th century boatbuilders.

Song, verse and music, immersed in the moors, cliffs and cairns, the islands and shores, washed by the Celtic sea. All that is the spirit of Cornwall.

Keltek Kan - Cornish Celtic Song - Esme Francis

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