The general idea of ERGObrass supports is based on a simple fact that all brass instruments are heavy to hold. We all know that relaxation is very important in brass playing. However, holding the instrument in playing position inevitably produces a static tension in hands, arms, shoulders, upper body and throat.

Most players can play with this tension, of course - but the tension is always there disturbing the performance.

The ERGObrass is an auxiliary device for all horn players which gives the player a more comfortable, effective and healthy way of playing the French horn.

The French Horn, while a marvelous instrument, does pose special ergonomic challenges because of its size and weight. The bigger the horn (especially a triple horn), or the smaller the player (especially a young player), the more important ergonomic considerations become. Over the years if the horn is held with statically tensed hands, many players suffer various consequences. First the hand and arm gets tired and stiff, later one often acquires many kinds of pains in the wrist, arm, elbow, upper arm and shoulder or in the upper back and neck.

The ERGObrass support is specially designed to be a handy medium to enable the player to keep his or her hands and upper body completely relaxed by removing the need for the body to support the weight of the instrument. Instead, the ERGObrass support will transmit the weight of the horn to the chair or through the belt to the legs.

Freeing up the upper body can also help the most important aspects of brass playing: breathing and air flow. With the ERGObrass, the only task remaining for the left hand is to balance the horn and keep the mouthpiece in the right place and angle for each situation. Then, of course, your fingers can act relaxed on valve triggers. With the weight of the horn taken off of the body, the player's touch and feel for playing are improved and stresses are reduced.

Ergobrass Support System - French Horn

RRP £160.00 - WEB PRICE £129.00


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