Cry Of The Mountain - Howard Lorriman
 Cry Of The Mountain - Howard Lorriman

Cry Of The Mountain - Howard Lorriman

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Set as the First Section Test Piece for the 2014 Britsh Brass Band Regional Championships.

The work is dedicated to Manfred Obrecht, conductor and musical editor. Manfred asked me to write a piece that captures the changing colours and mood of a mountain when viewed from a relatively close distance. I chose to cast the piece in four sections:

01. AWAKENING - early morning and the mountain is covered in cloud, eventually the sun bursts through and reveals the mountain in all its glory.

02. SNOW, ICE AND GLACIERS - between the rocky out-crops there are layers of snow; slippery ice patches and icicles adorn the overhangs. In the larger crevices and valleys glaciers are formed.

03. VISTAS AND DISTANT PEAKS - when viewed from other high points one can see the mountain in full outline against the vast landscape.

04. AVALANCHE - despite its beauty, a mountain can be a dangerous place and the accumulated snow may not be stable, it can easily tumble out of control. The slight twist of major tonalities at the very end reflects the way a sudden change in light can alter the whole perspective.

Howard Lorriman
November 2012

Cry Of The Mountain - Howard Lorriman

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